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How to Reduce Stress During the COVID-19 Crisis

Posted by Kayleigh Maijala on

As the global response to Coronavirus, or COVID-19, continues to escalate, we're dealing with unprecedented levels of stress and anxiety as people. More states and countries are beginning to shut down to avoid the spread of this virus, which means work, family life, and travel are all on hold (or severely limited).

The loss and confusion during this time can elevate anxiety and stress for everyone. Finding ways to fight the fear and reduce your stress during the Coronavirus crisis will keep you feeling better, and help your mind to relax more.

We've rounded up the most helpful (and easiest) ways to boost your mood and lower your stress levels, with a variety of options for all ages and living situations:

playing board game uno connect four settlers of catan


Stuck inside with family? Play some games!

Most of us will turn to video games and mobile games to keep us entertained, but choosing classic board games and card games can make a huge difference! When we're stressed, being around others can help lower our tension. Laughter is a powerful tool against anxiety, and it's hard not to laugh when you're in a game of Uno or Connect Four!
Snag a classic game and challenge others in your home to create connection and take your mind off the worries of the world for awhile. Your health will thank you!

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Create a stress-busting spa in the comfort of home!

Picture this; a calming, serene environment that smells fresh and aromatic with your favorite nature scents. Creating a positive space in your home can make a world of difference when you're feeling overwhelmed.
Essential oils, like peppermint, are perfect for calming the mind and promoting a positive mood. Diffusers allow the scent to gently perfume the room and take your stresses away!
Choosing a soap that's designed to use aromatherapy to reduce your anxiety is a powerful tool against chronic stress!

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Take care of your physical health!


It's all too easy to neglect our physical bodies when we're facing large amounts of stress, and choosing to do a low impact workout or taking our vitamins can make the difference between relieving stress or removing it!
Simple resistance band exercises, a quick yoga session, and ensuring all your vitamins and minerals are met for the day are simple and incredibly effective ways to keep stress away!

We love this yoga routine that's for all levels, and less than 15 minutes!


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In uncertain times, the best way we can mitigate the effects of stress is choosing to focus on what we can control, and what we are grateful for (even when it feels like there's more to worry about).

We're here for you - and understand the importance of physical and mental health when there are challenges in life.
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