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Zipper Compression Socks - Zip Up Support Stockings ~ Easy to Wear!

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    •  20-30 mmHg GRADE COMPRESSION - These Zipper Compression Socks Offer True 20-30 mmHg Graduated Compression To Provide Therapeutic Pressure As It Helps To Decrease Leg Fatigue, Aching Feet, And Swollen Ankles.
    • RELIEF & RECOVERY - Relief From Moderate To Severe Varicose Veins And Swelling, Edema, Lymphedema, Venous Insufficiency, Superficial Thrombophlebitis. Helps Reduce Muscle Soreness and Fast Recovery From Tired Legs. Perfect for Nurses, Maternity, Pregnancy, Post Surgery & Travel - Unisex - for Men and Women.
    • BOOST BLOOD CIRCULATION - The Pressure Gradient From These Graduated Compression Sleeves Helps Boost Blood Circulation During Those Times When Your'e Standing Or Sitting for an Extended Amount Of Time. The Compression Sleeve Helps Aid Blood Flow and Allows Circulation Throughout The Leg which promotes quick recovery and stamina.
    • ALL DAY COMFORT AND RELIEF-made of breathable, anti-bacterial fabric, our stockings feature an open toe and reinforced seams for good looking, durable support that’s easy to wear.

    Helps to: 

    • The heel zone is strengthened additionally extending service life.
    • Protection of veins during traveling or athletics. 
    • Chronic venous insufficiency. 
    • Lower limb varicose veins. 
    • Varicose veins during pregnancy. 
    • Rehabilitation for Edema, Spider Veins and Shin Splints.

    •Optimal compression increases blood flow during a long flights and prevents swelling. 

    Customer Reviews

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    Jim Nichol
    Service was so very good and the zipper stockings are Comfortable too!

    My wife accidentally ordered the wrong size and strength. She emailed Affordable and asked them to switch the order. We heard back the very next day and the order was fixed and has already arrived. Excellent service.

    I thought the zippers would be uncomfortable against my skin, but since I can't bend over easily I thought I'd give them a try. They're comfortable, I don't feel the zipper when they're on, and they're so much easier to get on and off.
    We'll be repeat customers, guaranteed.

    James Zimmerman
    Answers a Long Standing Problem

    These compression socks are exactly what I have been needing. They fit well and hold my legs and ankles snugly to reduce swelling. They are just what the doctor ordered!

    PatriciaBarbara Barker
    At Last!!! last...compression socks that can be put on and taken off with NO problems!! I absolutely LOVE it!! The socks are easily removed instead of struggling for ages to get out of them! A brilliant innovation and one which will no doubt help a lot me!! Bravo!!!!

    Julia Maldonado

    I have rash and edema due to immunotherapy infusions and was afraid to try compression socks, but these are GREAT! The zipper makes them so easy to put on and I can wear them all day and they really help with the swelling.

    Susan Hargraves
    The best ever!!

    I can not say enough good things about these zipper socks. I have tried quite a few compression socks and they were either too tight, too loose, or painful. These are perfect! Customer service is fantastic too. They will go that extra mile to make sure you are satisfied. Thank you ACS!! ;)