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Bunion Relief Toe Caps - Toe Separator ~ Soft and Comfortable!

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Toe Cap
  • A MUST HAVE for wearing compression socks!
  • Bunion Pain Relief - Relieves discomfort and pain caused by bunions, Hallux Valgus and crooked toes by protecting and gently realigning the toe. Also reduces friction, pressure and inflammation for complete bunion pain relief.
  • Easy To Wear - Compact and lightweight, convenient to carry and wear easily. You can complete all of your daily activities, enjoy walking again.
  • Flexible Sizing Fits Most - Fully adjustable, the bunion toe cap comfortably fits most individuals. They can be used at day and night, while watching tv, practicing yoga and even in wide-toed athletic shoes for running.
  • Washable & Reusable - Made of non-slip fabric. They will last for weeks with the proper care. Cleaning with soap, air dry. You can reuse it m
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