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Patella Band Knee Brace for Patellar Tendon Meniscus Knee Stabilizer Support

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AMAZING SUPPORT- This adjustable patella strap offers the ideal support for your knee and patellar tendon during walking, exercising and other sports activities. You will be able to run, exercise and do so much more without feeling any knee pain.

HIGH-QUALITY DESIGN - Designed with high-quality professional sports cloth which flexes with ease yet still maintains form. The Affordable patella support brace has a built in Silicone & Foam which wraps & stabilizes the patella, dispersing pressure and enhancing the knee’s stability.

The Silicone/Foam Pads are incorporated into the strap to stimulate the patellar tendon and provide targeted compression

FULLY ADJUSTABLE & COMFORTABLE- The Affordable patella support brace is fully adjustable with a double adjustment buckle design, providing a comfortable fit for almost every athlete. It’s innovative design allows for unrestricted movement, so you feel free and comfortable all the time while wearing it.

KNEE PAIN RELIEF- The knee band supports both your knee and patellar tendon during athletic activity. It can relieve pain associated with various knee problems and also prevent any further damage to the knee and patellar tendon while active.


Powerful Velcro straps ensure a close fit without movement during activity. The fabric is soft, breathable and easy to wash for a comfortable fit.


Customer Reviews

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I can not believe how comfortable this is. I can wear it all day & actually forget I am wearing it. And it gives me much needed relief. So easy to put on & it doesn't slide down like others I've used.


I am pleasantly surprised that this actually fits my knee. I have very fat knees and it straps on quite easily. And it really helps! That’s the most important part! Gives my knee support and allows me to walk a bit more easily without fear of my knee giving out. Very pleased!


This works!

Arthur Miller

very good like it very much