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Compression Socks: Benefits and Education

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          How to use Compression Socks

          Who needs Compression Socks?

          Benefits of Compression Socks

          The Science behind Compression Socks

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The Affordable Compression Socks team hopes you learn about and will try the benefits of compression socks.  As someone who uses compression socks, I know the benefits and the life changing ability they have.


Have you ever heard of or seen compression socks? Well, if not, compression socks refer to specialized garments that are designed to play a significant role in preventing the occurrence and progression of venous disorders. These disorders often include thrombosis, edema, and phlebitis among others. They are referred to as compression socks because they are elastic in nature, and when worn on the legs, they cause compression of the limbs. It is the resultant compression that causes a significant reduction in the diameter of distended veins and thus, causing an increase in velocity of venous blood flow and hence, the effectiveness of the valves. These garments are mostly used in compression therapy to decrease the pressure in the veins and prevent the occurrence of venous stasis and venous wall impairment. The outcome of this is relieving heaviness and aching in the legs.

When it comes to marathoners, compression socks have formed part of their annual runs on the trails. However, the most important thing to note is that knee-high socks do not naturally occur on the marathon trails because they are well thought to scare off small animals and their potential mates. Because of this reason, most of the athletes have been taken aback when it comes to adopting the use of these socks. Today, with the advent of compression technology, many people are quickly hitting the roads with compression socks. If you ask anyone that wears them, I assure you that they will swear by them!

How to use compression socks

Did you know that compression socks can form part of your daily routine? Well, the truth is that you can wear them daily. This is especially if they are well fitting and thus, can be snug but very comfortable. It is important that you wear them all the time except when you are sleeping or taking a shower. Another factor to take into consideration is having your compression socks replaced on regular basis of about 3-4 months. It is important that you bear in mind that the very beginning when you wear compression socks, it can be a little challenging. However, with regular practice, you will discover what works best for you. Some of the tips that you have to note is that:

Before you wear them- If you have any wounds, ensure that you dress it before you can have your compression socks on. If you can afford them, it is important that you get yourself a second pair. This way, you will always have a clean pair while you have the other washed. Have them close to your bed so that once you wake up, you will remember to have them on.

To have them on- it is crucial that you do this early in the morning when you have a swelling in the legs. When putting them on, ensure that you sit on a chair with your back resting on the backrest so that you do not hurt your back or spine while wearing them. Hold the top of the socks using one of your hands. Using the other hand, reach inside the socks and let your hand reach for the very end of the socks and grab the toe. Once you can get a firm grip on the toe, remove your hands from the socks. Then put your toes into the toes of the socks and slowly roll inside the socks and slide the feet into your shoes. Then use your fingers to gently roll the socks up your legs ensuring that you are careful enough not to pull the top of the socks harshly to cause them to rip off.

Who needs compression socks?

With all new styles, colors and materials that are used in making compression socks, it is easy to wear compression socks each day. This is irrespective of your gender or age; compression socks play an important role in increasing blood circulation throughout the body. This helps in boosting a person’s levels of energy. It also plays a key role in reducing swelling, soreness and feelings of tiredness in the lower parts of the body and the legs.

During long travels either by plane or car, wearing compression socks play a significant role in reducing the occurrence of what in most cases is referred to as "economy class syndrome." This “economy class syndrome” refers to the increased risk of blood clots following extended periods of sitting in a cramped position. However, according to studies, there is evidence that demonstrates that wearing compression socks helps in reducing the risk of developing deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Additionally, it is the increased blood circulation that s brought about by wearing compression socks that often play a significant role in reducing the feeling of achiness, soreness and fatigue on the lower parts of the body after travel. An important thing that you have to bear in mind is that if you are sleeping for extended durations, it is wise to take off the compression socks. However, it is important that you first check with your doctor.

If your job involves sitting for long durations, wearing compression socks can be very beneficial. This is because, the compression socks provide a graduated level of pressure that helps relief the legs when tired and achy. This means that both men and women that have this nature of jobs often have compression socks that have been created in a discreet manner that they almost resemble the ordinary socks that are work to work every other day. Additionally, standing for long durations may sometimes cause blood to pool in the feet and sitting causes unhealthy constriction of the leg’s blood vessels. It is the undesirable effects that come along with these practices that wearing of compression socks help to ward off.

In spite of this, it is important that you first check with your physician to ensure that there is no limit on the amount of time that one can wear compression socks consecutively in a day. This is because, in some cases when the compression socks are worn in excess, there is a high chance that this could make worse the symptoms or even lead to more complications. Otherwise, it is possible that you can wear the compression socks all day long to increase blood circulation to the feet and prevent the occurrence of swells and muscle fatigue. 

Compression socks are becoming very popular among the athletes during times of workouts, recovery, and training. High-tech fabrics and materials that are used in making sports compression socks offer great support to the ankles, calves and the legs. This is because of the graduated pressure that helps in boosting blood circulation in both the muscles and the legs. It is this kind of graduated pressure and proper flow of blood that is critical in ensuring that there is a fast recovery reduced muscle fatigue and better performance during workouts. This is often an advantage that is offered by the padded soles that compression socks have. This is what offers extra comfort and breathable fibers that allow for the efficient flow of heat and moisture management.

Compression socks are also used by pregnant women during maternity to help in preventing varicose veins brought about by pregnancy. Maternity compression socks play a significant role in helping with a wide range of ailments that come along with increased strain on the mother’s circulatory system. Mostly during pregnancy, women are prone to swelling and cramping of the legs. However, with the help of compression socks, these problems are eased. This is because compression socks boost blood circulation and supports re-energizing of tired and sore feet. This also plays a critical role in helping relieve the "heaviness" most women experience on their lower bodies.

The positive impact that compression socks have is an improvement of oxygen levels. It is this proper circulation of blood and oxygen levels to boost muscle coordination. It is this effect that helps athletes to reduce oxygen levels so that the overall performance is increased. With circulation benefits, there is a wide range of studies that demonstrate that improved venous return plays a key role in the removal of blood lactate from used muscles. After wearing compression socks, studies indicate that there is a significant reduction in the levels of blood lactate after exercise. It is the pressure that causes an increase of lactate deep in the muscles and thus a reduction of lactate in the blood. 

Wearing of compression socks during compression therapy has proven to be effective in active recovery. With compression socks, swelling and pain are reduced and thus lower levels of Creatine kinase concentration in the blood circulation. This makes the compression socks very much appealing both to the athletes and people who are constantly in transit and thus, recovery continues even after one stops training. Compression socks are important in invigoration and regeneration. Compression socks are often designed to boost blood circulation, the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the legs.

Benefits of compression socks

One of the clearest benefits that compression socks have is on people with certain leg complications such as increased risk of blood clot formation in the legs; a condition referred to as Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). Some of the factors that can increase the risk of developing clots include prolonged bed rest especially after surgery, long durations of time sitting such as during long flights and travels, use of birth control pills, family history of DVT, genetic clotting disorders, pregnancy, hormone replacement therapy among others. Compression socks are also used in people with acute DVT. This is very important in preventing post-thrombotic syndromes characterized by pain and swelling in the legs. However, according to the American College of Chest Physicians, there is not enough evidence to support the use of compression socks for this particular purpose.

The other group of people that benefit from the use of compression socks is the people with varicose veins, ulcerations of the legs, edema of the legs as well as problems associated with blood circulation. Therefore, such overexertion and those that spend most of their time standing may get a lot of comfort from wearing compression socks.

The Science behind compression socks

Did you know that the blood in your veins has to work against gravitational pull? Well, this is true so that blood can flow back to the heart. This means that anything that will prevent the proper flow of blood will cause the blood to pool in the veins of the lower limbs and result in swelling, fatigue, and aching. Some of these complications include blood circulatory problems, lack of movement especially due to injury or following a surgical procedure, or weakness of the walls of the veins in the legs among others. These complications often predispose the legs to the formation of venous clots.

By squeezing the tissues of the legs and the walls of the veins, the compression socks often play a fundamental role in promoting the flow of blood in the veins into the heart. They also play a significant role in promoting the flow of lymphatic fluids into the legs. It is this lymph fluid that plays a key role in reducing swelling of tissues making the feet feel less tired. In spite the fact that most athletes use compression socks as a way of attaining comfort during running and boost their performance while reducing the risk of injury, there is not enough evidence that supports this argument. 

Moreover, the benefits that one reaps from wearing compression socks always depends on whether the socks are worn the right way. The sad thing is that most of the people that are advised from hospital to wear compression socks to help in treating their DVT do not do so. This is according to a report by a study that was published by American Journal of Nursing. However, the blame is not entirely on the patient as over 25% are often given the wrong size of compression socks while over 30 % wore them the wrong way such as when they are wrinkled. It is these reasons that often contribute to the occurrence of new problems or worsening of their current situations. This is because wrinkling, for example, has been attributed to exerting so much pressure on the skin.

It is the loose fitting nature of compression socks that increases the flow of blood to the lower limbs. This causes an increase in muscular oxygen supply which then causes a significant reduction of lactic acid. Lactic acid is the product of respiration in the cells and is the way in which the body makes energy and builds because of over exertion of the muscles. The accumulation of the lactic acid in the muscles often causes muscular pain and inhibits proper functioning. In the case of athletes, increasing the supply of blood and hence oxygen to these regions of lactic acid accumulation is important in relieving the discomfort that this causes on the feet. Compression socks then come in handy in alleviating these problems.

As mentioned earlier, compression socks help in reducing the risk of developing unattractive varicose veins. Varicose veins are also referred to as spider veins. When we are on our feet for long durations, blood often begins to settle in the ankles. It is this kind of buildup that causes the legs to pantyhose to swell. Compression socks workplace this case in directing the blood to flow upwards to the rest of the body instead of settling on the ankles and thus, preventing the development of varicose veins.

When one sits for extended periods of time, there is a high tendency of blood to form clots. Compression socks come in handy to prevent blood clotting by simply ensuring that there is a constant flow of blood to the lower extremities. Most people that are at a higher risk of developing this condition are cancer patients, pregnant women. The elderly and obese, those that have a hereditary history of blood clots among others. If this is you, ensure that you have a pair of compression socks on.



Gone are the days when compression socks were considered to be grandmothers’ ugly rubber. This is because, over the years, there has been new fabrics and designs that have brought about a revolution in the compression market. Today, compression socks come in great colors, fabrics, fresh tones, open toes, panty hose, thigh high and knee high among others. It is through advances in the weaving mechanisms that the medical grade compression hose manufacturers have brought about new compression socks and products. There are now compression socks that are designed to be work at the work place, during sports and evening outs.

Therefore, when your feet make the decision to be achy, too heavy, tired and painful, then you should consider getting a pair of compression socks. In case you find these symptoms to be persistent, the first thing that you have to do is to consult with your doctor concerning the problem and find out how you can take advantage of the benefits that come along with wearing compression socks. You have to understand that when you address the problems associated with the foot and legs such as the veins and circulation issues, you are simply engaging in preventive measures that will ultimately help you overcome the health problems.

The truth is that people that are familiar with the benefits of compression therapy by wearing compression socks swear that this plays an important role in alleviating their leg and feet problems. As we advance in age, the problems with blood circulation tend to pose a great challenge especially for people whose occupation is characterized by long durations of sitting or standing. If the legs become weak, the vein pathway in the legs often may stop functioning in the right manner. The most serious thing about this is when the same blood keeps circulating and cause an escalation into health conditions.

Thank you again for reading our eBook.  Everyone at hopes you have learned and have decided to try the benefits of compression socks.  As someone who uses compression socks, I know the benefits and the life changing ability they have.