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Compression Sock Assistance Aid - Help Putting On Your Socks!

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Are you having problems putting on your compression socks in the morning?

Bending down to reach your feet seem impossible sometimes?

A sock puller is the answer.

Made with smooth terrycloth and elastic pullers, this "compression sock horn' is designed to help you get your foot into the foot sleeve(the hardest part), so all you have left is to pull your socks up to your desired height.

  • The ACSocks Socks Put On Assist Device: Helps individuals put on socks or stockings easily and independently. Ideal sock slider for those having difficulty to bend down, recovering from back, knee or hip replacement surgery or for those with limited mobility.
  • Allows you to put on socks or hosiery independently with 4 easy steps.  It is an ideal sock or stocking puller tool for those who have difficulty to bend over, have limited mobility and also for those recovering from back, knee, or hip replacement surgery.
  • Hand washable.

Perfect for people with limited mobility due to arthritis, hip, knee or back injuries.

  • The two 29" long loop handles on this deluxe stocking and sock aid reduce the need to bend.
  • Flexible plastic core has a unique three finger design that holds stockings easily with nylon interior to reduce friction.
  • Terrycloth exterior prevents sock from slipping.

Customer Reviews

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Pam Myers
So easy to use

No more struggles with putting on my compression socks.

Sock Slider

Love my sock slider! Easy to use, and ever so helpful!! I wasn't able to get my socks on myself, so this is the ultimate helper for me!! I'm SO glad I bought it, and I highly recommend it!

Donna Elmore
Great device

Absolutely love this device. I have a bad hip and this sock aid has made putting my socks on a breeze. The quality is well worth the price. Am thinking about getting one for my husband. Thanks. I’m becoming a frequent and happy customer.

Rachael Brussat
Sock Aid

I'm really impressed with this sock aid I ordered. I have Cerebral Palsy as a disability and the sock aid helps me tremendously. I can put my socks on without asking anyone to help me. I can do it on my own with ease. Wish I had this sooner! a great product to have & I love it!!

Laura Rist
Great socks

Love the socks. Just wish I didn’t have to get to fit my calves such a big shoe size. Better to long than to short.