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"On Fire" Compression Socks for Men & Women - Support Stockings ~ 3 Styles!

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Material: Cotton, Microfiber, Spandex

Care Instructions: Hand Wash and Air Dry

Compression Strength: 20-30 mmHg 

Compression Socks Help to: 
  1. Reduce Swelling and Discomfort
  2. Reduce Inflammation
  3. Boost Circulation
  4. Relieve Varicose Veins
  5. Regain Your Energy!
  6. Start Living Better Today😍

Compression Socks are Great for:

  • Both Men and Women
  • Pregnant Mothers
  • People who work at a desk
  • People who stands for long hours
  • Travelers (Long Flights)
  • Venous diseases (Edema/Varicose Veins)

Features of ACSocks Compression:

  • Breathable materials increase your comfort
  • Knitted fabric, not woven, allows for graduated compression
  • Flat seams leave your toes in comfort
  • The sock's heel zone is strengthened, which will extend the life of your compression socks! 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Sandra Williams
    On fire

    I love the socks. I get compliments on the socks every time I wear them.
    When I wore the white/purple socks I was complimented on my tattoos. Lol
    I love that when I wear them my feet don’t swell and ache.

    Dyanna Miller

    I just found this company so I took a chance on them. While I was waiting I was praying I would get my socks. Well they arrived and I am so happy with this company it will be the only company I will buy from. Thank you for such great socks I love them.

    Dyane Janney
    Keeps the fireman cool and calm!

    My grandson is a Cal Fire fireman, he is on his feet a lot, and his grandparents all suffer with varicose veins, so I thought these support stockings would be great addition to his daily uniform! He loves them.

    George Gates
    Flame on

    Received my socks and have worn them with my kilts. Love the looks, people comment on the kilt and say the socks are great. Wish they could have been a little wider in the calf, but I will survive.

    Jill Giffin
    Awesome socks

    These socks are great! I like fun designs and to support my legs. These were for a softball tournament and lots of people complimented my socks and my legs didn't hurt after running! They weren't too thick and hot either.