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Wholesale/Bulk Orders for Health Plans

Wanting to improve your employees health but don't want to spend thousands?

Contact us today at: for more info on how we can save your company time and money! We've been in the industry selling hundreds of thousands of compression socks for almost 10 years!

Compression is Better


Comparing Compression Wear to Other Health Plans:

A standard pair of compression socks or stockings generally cost anywhere from $15 to $25 at the store (though when purchasing through us, they are significantly cheaper). Standing desks typically cost upwards of $200 each. 10 minute breaks every hour with your employees on the clock can cost a tremendous amount. A pair of compression socks, on the other hand, allow your employees to resume work as normal, with no change in their current schedule or workload.

When workers were asked their thoughts on sitting at work, numerous employees suggested that an increase in physical activity (e.g., walking to meetings, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, working out during their lunch break) would lead to a decrease in productivity.

Other health plans:

  • Cost a lot of money
  • Waste valuable time
Compression socks:
  • Save time and money
  • Improve Productivity


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