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Ingrown Toenail Tool - Relieve Pain ~ Miracle Device!

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Relieve pain and fix your ingrown toenail.  Regular use can correct your ingrown toenail over time.

All ingrown toenail tools come in their own carry/travel case.


1. Clean hands and feet; Soak feet in warm water for 10 minutes 

2. Hook both sides of the ingrown toenail with the two hooks on the equipment. 

3. Use one hand to hold the middle fulcrum of the tool, twisting the nut to fix the equipment on the toenail with the other hand . (fulcrum towards two directions for different sizes of the nails)

4. Slowly intensify, until there is a sense of expansion (no pain). 

5. Intensify slightly for every 10 minutes 

6. After 30 minutes later,take the feet out of the water, wait for 15 minutes to dry feet. 

7. Remove the equipment, the toenail is reshaped, position, stuff some medical cotton under the tilted nails to prevent rebound. 


1. For patients who has the too severe ingrown toenails, professional treatment is recommended, don't correct it yourself. 

2. Feet must be soaked for 10 minutes before the first time  

3. For one side ingrown toenail, please adjust the equipment in the appropriate angle

4. Intensify gently for thin toenails

5. Normally it can take a correction every 5-15 days

6. For best results, do just before sleeping, so there is no rebound due to the pressure of shoes or walking

7. Wear loose shoes

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