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"Funky Town" Compression Socks - 20-30 mmHg Colorful Support Stockings!

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Finally some compression socks with style.  Relieve swelling while wearing compression socks with fun colors and designs. 😁💖

Our compression leg wear combines precise graduated compression with durability at a great price. The soft breathable fabric makes them easy to put on and easy to take off.

    • Our Support Sock for men and women provides 20-30 mmHg of graduated compression to keep your legs energized during physical activity and reduce recovery time. This extremely soft sock features a reinforced heel for durability and is made with cool & breathable material to keep your feet cool and dry. This sock is designed with a well-padded foot for additional comfort and a fitted toe and flat toe seam to prevent blisters and irritation. It is easy to get on and has a non-constricting top band to keep the sock in place.
    • This compression stocking provides 20-30 mmHg of gradient compression and helps improve blood flow prevent edema (swelling) and reduce the discomfort caused by moderate to severe varicosities. It helps in recovery from sclerotherapy and other post-surgical procedures. And it helps prevent the recurrence of venous ulcerations.
    • Boost your performance on the field or in the gym with our Athletic Recovery Compression Socks. These socks are perfect for sports, working out and traveling because they reduce muscle fatigue and help to treat swollen ankles and feet. If you are standing or exercising for a long time, the graduated compression helps to prevent the feeling of tired, achy legs, keeping you comfortable and energized all day and night.

    Customer Reviews

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    Compressed socks


    Great design

    Nice fit. Makes my legs feel wonderful.


    Love them. Fit great. I'm on my feet all day. Used to have swollen ankles and legs and difficult to get my shoes off but not with these socks. They are perfect for me.


    I'm happy with the socks. I haven't worn them all yet, but I know they will help me.


    I saw your ad on Facebook of all places when I decided I needed compression socks due to leg/feet swelling and knee issues. Decided to get a couple pairs and I will definitely be purchasing a few more! My legs feel better than they have since August!!! 5 stars!!! Love these socks!!